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We at Novak & Associates…. Actually, there is no “we” at Novak & Associates.  I began consulting to the computer industry in 1979.  Over the years I have worked with main frames, minicomputers, and now, PC’s and the Internet.  This has covered multiple operating systems, programming languages, applications, and hardware.  In short, my knowledge and skills have evolved along with the computer world.

Today, I work primarily in the Microsoft world with its operating systems and applications along with the associated hardware.  Novak & Associates is an authorized reseller for Dell, Inc. and Basis International, LTD and has access to almost any hardware or software application.

I mainly cover the Southern California area.  However, with today’s technology, I can consult and support almost anywhere.  Call me and let’s discuss your needs, whether that be maintaining an old system, upgrading to a newer system or designing a completely new system. 

Tim Novak
Novak & Associates